30th Anniversary of House Music TOUR


The world’s 1st House Music Record Release was ON & ON released on January 20, 1984. In 2014 Jesse will be celebrating 30 years of House Music in a special Celebration that everyone will participate in around the world! Jesse Saunders and Electronic Music Café have produced and designed a unique, powerful presentation of the DJ for an experience unparalleled in social atmospheres. It comes complete with a powerful media pre-show package, which includes the House Music Art Exhibit, a Lecture/Q&A with Jesse and an Award Given to the Promoter in each City. The Show comes With the ART of the DJ Experience™, where the audience can not only be visually stimulated by the Live Art created (from the DJs actions), but learn what song or track is being played, request songs and purchase the music instantly online, thereby making the musical experience unparalled! This will benefit the Promoter’s brand in marketing, promotion, while engaging the audience…

  • TOUR Outline

    Pure House Music Festival

    Coming Soon
    Nevada’s only House Music Festival – The PURE HOUSE MUSIC FESTIVAL is a celebration of the Artists & Performers that have made House Music a household name around the world. The event features food, crafts, community, education and of course House Music. If you would like to be an Investor or Sponsor please DOWNLOAD the PDFs below.


    Electronic Music Cafe

    The Electronic Music Cafe Radio Network is the brainchild of Jesse Saunders. It has been serving “Music With Soul” since 2010. Originally opening its doors to inspire creativity. The journey has gone from Main Street to the Arts Factory (in Las Vegas) and finally to the boundless world of the internet! Born out of the 25th Anniversary of House Music Tour (2009) and Art Exhibit, the goal is to preserve House & Electronic Music culture while combining Art and inspiring creativity. We make building Radio Stations simple and provide free streaming and Ad revenue sharing.

    Everyone knows that the Electronic Music Cafe has been bringing you the best HOUSE MUSIC in the world with live DJs, sick mixes AND the Originator of house music, Jesse Saunders. What is less known is our passion to help all like minds express their passion. Since we first opened our doors bands, producers, record labels, artists and many other creative souls approached us about supporting their dreams. In response, we partnered with some progressive companies and individuals that allows us to facilitate your dreams worldwide!

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    Broken Records

    Broken Records was born as the 2nd generation label following the world’s 1st House Music label Jes Say Records (established in January of 1984 in Chicago). Both are the brainchild of the “Originator of House Music,” Jesse Saunders. With “On & On,” Jes Say Records released the world’s 1st known form of House Music on 12 inch vinyl. The label continued to release hit after hit including “Undercover” by Dr. Derelict, “Funk U Up” by Jesse Saunders, “Real Love” by Jesse’s Gang and “It’s OK” by The Force. On & On was the first House record to be played in regular rotation on radio. “Funk U Up” shattered the barrier at radio by becoming #1 in major markets in the Midwest. “Real Love” blasted all other artists including Madonna and Prince at the commercial radio level by reigning #1 for 6 consecutive weeks on WBMX and WGCI (Chicago), hitting the top 10 at WJLB (Detroit), WTLC (Indianapolis) and hitting the Billboard charts as high as #25. Jes Say Records set the bar for House music everywhere!

    Broken Records carried on the tradition by launching with its 1st release “The Chicago Reunion” Album, which brought together the world’s Pioneers and Grammy nominees including Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Ten City, Jesse himself, and Dr. Derelict a/k/a Wayne Williams (known around the world as R. Kelly’s DJ) on a 2 CD set of original and remixed classics. 3 of the singles “Yeah/Let Me Hear U” by Jesse Saunders, Baby Wants to Ride” by Frankie Knuckles and “I Can’t Stand It” by DJ Pierre charted high domestically as well as in Europe and Asia.

    Countless hits and Releases later the label prides itself on being a platform for up and coming Producers and Artists by only releasing “Quality” House Music!

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    Music And Arts Society (non-Profit)

    The Music & Arts Society is a 501c, 3 non-profit corporation established in the State of Nevada by Jesse Saunders. It is a historically and creatively based organization committed to developing and offering unique educational programs in music and the arts. The goal is to preserve the historical and artistic foundation of today’s pop music known as House and Electronic Music, which has its roots in the prolific genres of yesterday (i.e. blues, jazz, rock & roll, new wave and disco.) This supports the greater community by teaching the youth and emerging artists how to navigate the music and artistic industries through creative, educational and practical programs. Our secondary goal is to provide a forum of world-class artists, producers, DJs, and business executives in all areas of music and art to give perspective on “real world” institution. Students learn all aspects of the business of music and art from acting, performing, writing, production, mixing, distribution, branding and more utilizing the latest technology available in the digital age and emerging technologies. Our commitment to local, regional, national and international communities ensures that educational programs preserve historical integrity while imparting knowledge and fostering highly innovative opportunities.

    We have created an exhibit entitled “SPIN – The Evolution of the DJ,” which details the progression from ancient times to modern day, and the historic events that shaped what we know as the DJ! I utilize this timeline to teach the important historical facts that have made the DJ a superstar today!