Are YOU looking to take your career as a DJ, Vocalist, Artist or Producer to the next level?

Jesse Saunders has over 30 years of maneuvering the music and entertainment industry. His inside knowledge has helped guide the careers of numerous Artists from Jermaine Stewart (#1 hit charting Artist) to Dani Ivory (Beyonce’, Ceelo, Imagine Dragons). Being the architect of his own career as the “Originator” of House Music, Jesse has maneuvered himself, not only as a DJ/Producer, but in TV and film to international icon status.

Female Dj Are YOU a DJ looking to take your career to the next level? Navigating the competition and creating new strategies for branding is Jesse’s specialty. It’s all about numbers these days no matter how great your skills may be. Creating a marketing plan and executing it properly is what will put you above the rest. ┬áDon’t be conned into playing only one style! Diversify and become a well-rounded DJ with Jesse’s knowledge and development of technique. But it doesn’t stop there…

Singer Are YOU a Vocalist looking to take your career to the next level?
Jesse has produced vocalists from Mavis Staples (#1 hit artist) to Banig (international Star Search winner at 13) and knows how to bring the best vocal performance out of anyone! The timing, rhythm and unique style of the vocalist is THE most important part of being a Vocal artist. Combine that with his branding, marketing and Artist Development techniques and you are geared up for success! Building your social medias numbers and putting you in front of the best producers, publishers and labels completes the journey. But it doesn’t stop there…

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