What more can be said about Jesse Saunders? The world renowned DJ extraordinaire, who has made millions of fans and partygoers all over the world testify to his unprecedented sets where he takes the crowd on a musical journey through the evolution of House & Electronic music. The only DJ to get down and dirty with his audience on the dance floor! Jesse Saunders pumps the crowd to a frenzy with music that is feel good music and sends you into a trance!

Jesse Saunders is a Consultant, Music and Film Producer, Record company executive, Marketing Director, Promoter, Event Producer, DJ and Radio Show host. He is also credited with having made the first ever "House" record entitled "On & On" on his upstart label Jes Say Records in Chicago (1984). His production credits range in every style from House & Electronic to Alternative, and R&B to Hip Hop.

Truly an "Originator"! Had me dancing til 8am the next day!
(Chris, Houston, TX)

Wow! I've never seen a DJ come out into the crowd and dance. Most DJ's are too stuck up to do something like that! I love you 4 that Jesse!
(Amanda - New Orleans, LA)

I'm young and only been involved in the scene for a short time. I never knew a DJ could take you through so many styles and never make it feel like you never left any one of them!
(Lisa - St. Louis, MO)

Jesse Saunders is Powerful! Uplifting! Better than a hit of X!
(Jen - San Francisco, CA)

Last Saturday was easily one of the best nights out I have had. He only played 2 or 3 old songs though, I was surprised. Still, the man was unbelievable! Everyone told me he would have this HUGE ego or something, but he was cool. I think he was kind of freakd out by all the cracked out glowstick kids, but who isn't?
(Woody, Dallas, TX)

He loves that glowstick shit. He actually is one of the few people who still cares about the rave scene. Down to earth brother all the same.
(Tone, Sense Productions)


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